10 Tips For A Perfect Outdoor

>>Congratulations! You have decided to outdoor weddings, which means you've made the big decision on the wedding day, what it seems, and if we consider
Outdoor weddings are romantic and beautiful. However, they are not as easy as they seem. Outdoor weddings are available in various caveats and pitfalls of indoor wedding, but if you follow these tips, you can be sure your wedding day is brilliant (and not "Wow it's hot here!" type of way!) .* Make your guests feel comfortable. Think about what the weather will be probably at the time of day and month of your outdoor wedding. Sunny and warm? Do not leave your guests uncomfortably melting - judicial officers to focus their customers ice cold water or lemonade, as they are seated. Offer a good range so that customers can cool (think of your wedding program printed on the fan). Remember to have plenty of sunscreen on hand and wipes and insect repellent, depending on location and season. On a very hot place, seeking to rent large electric fans (do not forget a generator) and / or a tent or light from the sun shade umbrella. If you are going to be cold and wet, ensuring its guests to wear additional layers. You may want to have blankets or shawls beautiful tower in hand, or rent space heaters.
* Have an emergency plan.What if it rains? Ideal for weddings and outdoor, pending only in this case. Many brides and grooms choose to get in and out of the ceremony reception. In a pinch, the tables can be scooted Back Room at the ceremony. Tent is another option, but only a mild rain storms. Heavy rain sucks underground, where guests wet and muddy shoes. Consider the window edges of the tent to keep rain in a corner - not fun!* Plan for Wind. Many outdoor wedding suffer from strong winds. Avoid light fabrics like chiffon and silk in China and the dress and bridesmaid dresses. Tell your hairstylist that you are having an outdoor wedding, so that he or she can create a style that leaves look like cousin It!* Everyone can hear? When the photo of your dream wedding on the beach, you probably did not hear the roar of the waves, strong wind, or neighborhood children play and run around. Renting a sound system with clip microphones for the bride, groom and officiate. The planner can easily arrange for you.* Decorations! One of the bonus for an outdoor wedding is the natural beauty around you. But still might want or need a new interior. Visit this site weeks before the wedding to ensure the grass is cut, raked in March, and the flowers are in bloom. If marriage is a public park, you can ask the groomsmen or friends to do that on the morning of your ceremony. If it was particularly cold weather, you may need to complement the flowers a little 'pot of bulbs from a florist. Other decorations can be considered the arch or trellis to focus on the ceremony and frame the bride and groom when they say their vows. strings of lights or lanterns in the trees luminarias, flashlights, canopies canvas (so easy to do it yourself!), Or farolitas are also good choices.
* These annoying things flying. Insecticide Cloths Offer guests arrive for the ceremony. Believe me, your guests will thank you! There are also companies that spray your area to prevent mosquitoes from marriage & Co. in check.* Here comes the sun ... If possible, visit your ceremony during the time of day and season that your ceremony will take place. reversible seat, so that the sun will return the guests instead of their eyes.* Do not leave your guests parched! Alcohol is dehydrating, so consider serving alcohol-free bar as well! They offer a variety of fresh fruit slices jazz water, lemonade and tea. My favorites are cucumber, melon and strawberries with your more standard lemons and limes. For a fancy cocktail, why not serve a classic mint julep or a mojito? Mint refreshes and cools the guests.
* Permissions. If you are married or in a public place belonging to the city, do not forget to contact your city parks department or other local authorities to obtain a permit for an outdoor wedding. Be sure to ask about the rules of garbage, a candle or flashlight, and pre-wedding photography.* Enjoy (and worldwide)! If you have a planner, knowing that it will continue to work tirelessly to ensure a perfect result, so you can get a well deserved rest. Like all wives, at some point you just sit back, relax and know you've done everything you can to make your perfect day.


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